In an era when Lewis and Clark were opening the western frontier and millionaire John Jacob Astor was Expanding his frontier empire to fur trading along the Pacific, no one better typified the spirit of the times more than the “Mountain Man.” These rugged individuals trapped and traded furs in the Oregon Country and did business with the Indians. Today, no one represents the spirit of the Mountain Man better than Mike Mulholland. Harkening back to the days of William Ashley and Kit Carson, Mike still crafts his wares with the same care and skill as the original Mountain Man. Legend has it that Mike’s grandmother was a Cherokee descent and learned the trades of her kin, turning furs and pelts into goods which were traded for whisky and sundries. Moving to Utah at the turn of the century, she carried her craft with her and passed along theses skills to Mike. Now, he crafts these treasures and sells them at Rendezvous throughout the West, where you can buy some moccasins or other items made just for you by Mike. Now you have the opportunity to buy them online.
Hand Crafted Buffalo Apparel